Here are some of our customers paying us the highest compliment. We are very proud of the repair work done in our shop so we apologize if this seems a little long winded. Repeat customers & referrals have contributed to Degrazia's Auto Body success. We look forward to building that relationship with you.

Excellent professionalism and courtesy. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone & everyone I know. Keep up the good work.
Autobody Work

Skip J - Seattle, WA
"Great customer service. Kept me informed on progress every 2-3 days. Drove me to the rental place. And would have taking me to Toyota to fix my alignment if I wanted to. Anyway, Degrazia's did the repairs. I have no idea what the whole deal cost since insurance was paying, but I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Degrazia's handled all the details (body work, estimates, insurance, car rental, etc.) and got me back in my car in about 10 days. They even let me return it to redo the alignment (which was done, but not to my satisfaction, at the Toyota dealership down the street) a week later.Read more"

Leo L - Seattle, WA
"Somewhat long story made short. Last winter snow I get a call from building security at my job telling me that my car was hit. And that the guy who hit me was waiting in the lobby. Dude tells me that after giving my front driver's-side quarter the Crunch n' Munch treatment, he left me a note and drove to some appointment he had. Came back with the insurance info (not his car) and had security look me up. Then, as I took down the insurance details he changed my tire for my hassle. All within about 2 hours time."
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